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Reflective Cerro Torre

Los Glaciares National Park, El Chalten, Santa Cruz Province

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On our second day hiking in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, we decided to take it easy and venture out to Laguna Torre, after a long, grueling day hiking to Pliegue Tumbado the day before (getting lost on the return through an unmarked trail, 2-3 hours from the trailhead with the sun starting to set, howling winds, traversing across a steep hillside we consistently slipped and fell on, thick forests to go downhill through with thigh high fresh snow and a canopy that blocked out the sky, etc etc.) So, the hike to Laguna Torre, a relatively easy marked trail, was a nice respite on our tired bodies. Most of the way out to the lake, there were overcast clouds that covered up the skyline and mountain range. It wasn’t until we arrived to the lake at the base of the glacier and Cerro Torre peaks, that the sun popped out and broke up the clouds. After taking hundreds of photos and enjoying lunch in front of the most amazing scenery, we hightailed it back to spots along the trail we knew would be amazing with the sun out. This spot was one of them. The water in this half thawed, half frozen creek, with branches stuck haphazardly in the ice, framed and reflected the Cerro Torre peaks so perfectly. You couldn’t ask for a better scenery.

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