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Observation Point Trail

Zion National Park
Utah, 84767

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The day of my hike up Observation Trail landed on 4th of July weekend of 2013. That Friday temps were projected to be in high 90s, low 100s. I decided to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the late morning, early afternoon heat, as this trail would take around 4-5 hours 8 mile roundtrip, alloying for many stops along the way for pictures. For the early part of the hike, you are still protected from the sun by the rock faced cliffs as you traverse a switchback for about 1000 feet, at which you are almost at eye level looking at Angels Landing. The scenery along the way is absolutely stunning, along with a very difficult climb, made all the better by the gorgeous mountainous cliffs which get you through your screaming leg muscles wincing in pain. By the time you finally reach the top of the Observation Point Trail, you are treated to this grand vista looking all the way down the Zion valley. I broke out my packed lunch and sat atop this perch, enjoying my food and marveling at this beauty before me. Probably one of the best views I'll ever have to enjoy a meal to.

observation point trailzionutah8.1 miles