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Gold Harbour, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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These baby elephant seal pups, barely a few weeks old, crawled into our basecamp at Golden Harbour the moment we stepped ashore from our Zodiacs. These adorable blubber balls with their fat folds and doughy eyed cuteness, raised for only 2-3 weeks before their moms left for sea, are now faced with a sink or swim future, having to fend and provide for themselves. Not fearing us, they slow crawled their way into camp, barking and belching along the way, looking at us as if “Are you my mom? Do you have milk for me? Feed me please?” You could sit in the sand and they would literally come right up, some even resting their head a bit on your leg, before depositing or sneezing some boogers on you. Things like this, even with a pic, can’t even be put into words how magical it was to experience a moment like this.

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