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Mount Fitzroy

Los Glaciares National Park, El Chalten, Santa Cruz Province

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Hello outside world! I have Internet, and of all places, in Torrres del Paine in Chile. This place is so remote, it's not even funny. Shocking I can connect at all let alone post this pic. Funny story behind this one. My buddy and I were in El Chalten, Argentina, last week to hike the myriad of trails. We decided to hike the famous Laguna de Los Tres and climb the last part up to the base of Mount/Cerro Fitzroy, depending on weather. The last part ascends about 1,200 feet in under only a half mile, so fairly steep. Going up was fine with beautiful blue skies. There were some snowy, icy trails, but we made it just fine. Then there is a rather deceptively large hill/ridge to climb up, not steep but a last slow grind to get to the top. That is what you see here in the bottom half with snow and rocks, with stunning Mount Fitzroy peeking out behind. I luckily snapped a pic at this moment, for clouds started to roll in shortly after and by the time we got to the top, most of Mount Fitzroy was completely obscured. Then it started to snow, along with lovely 80-100mph Patagonian winds. We immediately turned around and started our descent. Let's just say I can check that off my not-so-fun bucket list: "Descending down Mount Fitzroy in an almost blinding snow storm with 80-100mph winds, minus hiking poles or crampons."

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