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Horizontal Tree

Tierra del Fuego, Chile

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Hello everyone! I’m finally back from my month long adventure in Argentina and Chile, exploring the wilds of beautiful Patagonia. Looking forward to sharing with you over the next few months the boatload of pics from my travels. I keep saying how windy it is down there, but this picture perfectly captures just how windy it really is. We were on our way to the King Penguin colony on Tierra del Fuego, when our tour guide operator pulled over to see this. This is a tree that never had a chance to grow straight up, due to the fierce 60-80mph plus winds almost year round. We were there during the spring, when it is supposedly mild, and let me tell you, I had trouble standing still to take this photo. I was tempted to lie flat on the ground but found a momentary blip of calm to snap away. This is such an iconic image in Patagonia, that a Chilean beer maker called Cerveza Austral, has a similar shot on the label of their dark lager Let alone the beauty and oddity of a tree grown sideways, showing the harsh and violent conditions of life in Patagonia, I just love the stunning sky and clouds behind, set against the barren remains of a foundation. It is as if the wind came through and blew the house away, while the tree is holding on for dear life.

chilepunta arenastierra del fuegostrait of magellancerveza austral