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The Shackleton Hike to Stromness, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

GPS Coordinates: 54°9'12.276" S 36°45'21.63" W

This was one of the coolest hikes I have ever been on. Not that it was technically challenging like other hikes I have been on, but the historical significance. This is the last leg of Shackleton’s amazing journey back to the town of Stromness, to get help to rescue his crew, 800 miles away on Elephant Island. The day started off with overcast weather and clouds, which was going to cancel the hike, but later that morning everything cleared up. It was like Shackleton’s spirit was watching over us. We hiked from the other side of the mountain range at Fortuna Bay, up a few thousand feet, through beautiful scenery like this, rushing streams of water, big frozen over lakes, and jagged mountain peaks. And then at the end, the famous Shackleton waterfall, which finally lead down into the whaling town of Stromness, where Shackleton were rescued over a year and a half later. Epically amazing, a moment I will remember the rest of my life!