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Stelvio Pass - East Route

7536 Santa Maria Val Müstair, Switzerland

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My first experience of the Stelvio Pass came from the amazing series Top Gear, where those three crazy lads drove exotic sports cars up and down the pass. It was amazing! And at that moment, I told myself I need to go there. Fast-forward a few years later and this is the view I was treated to, after my buddy and I raced from the southwest side from Bormio in our speedy Fiat 500, GoPro mounted to the front of its hood or bonnet as the Brits would say. When we finally arrived at the top after about 75 hairpin turns, at about 9,000 feet, this is what we saw. We were so awestruck and mesmerized by the sheer beauty that we left the GoPro recording, stuck to the front of the hood the whole time we were up there. At one point, those puffy white clouds hanging low in the valley made their way up to the top, creating a white-out for a brief moment. Such an amazing experience I will remember my whole life.

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