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Cinderella Fairytale

Lake Bled, Bled, Slovenia

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: 46°21'33.0"N 14°05'08.2"E

Lake Bled is just breathtakingly beautiful, a fairytale, Cinderella-esque setting with views like this. Most of the morning drive from Ljubljana to Bled was overcast clouds and when we arrived in Bled, it was raining ever so slightly, with a foggy mist hanging in the air. Most of the skies were just murky grey which didn’t really make for great landscape shots of this stunning church. After taking the boat ride over to visit and then a relaxing lunch back at shore, the sun came out and those puffy white clouds littered the sky. We started driving around the lake to find different angles to shoot, when we happened across this one. A gorgeous mirrored reflection in the water. So tranquil, so picturesque, so stunning.