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Mitre Peak & Milford Sound

Milford Discovery Center - Harrisons Cove
Milford Sound 9600
Southland Region
New Zealand

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This is from my first trip to New Zealand in 2011, with Milford Sound as a must-do on the itinerary. I booked a day-trip with Kiwi Discovery, which included a bus ride to Milford and back, along with your cruise factored in. I read of how rainy and cloudy it could get at a moments notice in the Fiordland, so was pleasantly surprised that it didn't rain a drop the whole day. This afforded some spectacular views the whole drive there. As soon as we arrived at Milford, getting ready to board our boat, mighty Mitre Peak is front and center, rising about 6,000 feet in the air. As we were backing out of the harbor to start our journey, a bunch of puffy clouds had just rolled in, teasing the top of its tallest peak making for an amazing shot.

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