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The Glory of Fitzroy

Los Glaciares National Park, El Chalten, Santa Cruz Province

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My wish and dream came true. Went to bed praying to the weather gods, that it would be clear and sunny the next day, hiking up to Lago de los Tres to see Cerro Fitzroy…AND IT WAS!!! From just a little over two years ago, my friend (Chris del Palacio) and I reached the top, only to be caught in a snowstorm, with a perilous hike back down a steep 1300ft, in blizzard white out conditions. While it was beautifully clear, winds were actually stronger than they were during the snowstorm. So much in fact, I was mid-stride at the top, when a wind gust that had to of been 70-80mph came out of nowhere, lifting me off the ground a good few inches, tossing me a few feet to the right. Thank god I wasn’t on the edge of a cliff. I guess that was Fitzroy’s way of saying hello. P.S. This pic was taken at 4,000ft above sea level. There is another 6,000ft plus of mountain in this pic. It’s so stunning it doesn’t look real.

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