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Drygalski Fjord & Larsen Harbour, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

GPS Coordinates: 54°52'18.737" S 35°53'45.426" W

After breakfast that morning, we rolled into Drygalski Fjord on the Southern end of South Georgia, to go on a zodiac ride in Larsen Harbour. The mountains here in the fjord jutted up a good 3,000-4,000 feet, almost abruptly from sea level, so they felt even taller. I love how the peaks look so nicely stacked and spaced against one another, as if they all tried to grow at the same time, but were polite to leave space for the other. Then the beautiful, glistening white snow caps, coupled with the sheer rock faced slopes of the mountains, and the shadows playing a dance in between them. I could have stared for days at all the detail and variances on all these peaks, but had to make my way onto the zodiac.