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Oia Sunset

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: 36°27'37.0"N 25°22'23.0"E

After a full day of touring all around the beautiful island of Santorini, the last stop on the tour was Oia for the sunset. This picture, along with those plastered all over Instagram and travel sites, cannot even come close to capturing this view, let alone the feeling when you are there. Besides this stunning view, behind and all around us were hundreds if not thousands of people, crammed like sardines in a can next to each other, along every pathway and rooftop with a view. The electricity in the air was palpable and the excitement in being there to see the sunset with everyone was magical. And then, if it couldn’t get any better than this, a catamaran floats by, perfectly framing itself under the sun. Just as the sun went down, everyone around us and along this whole are of Oia, erupted in claps and cheers. A moment that will remain with me a lifetime.