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Lago Pehoe Sunrise

Hosteria Pehoe, Torres de Paine, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

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We could not have asked for better conditions that morning. Getting up super early in the AM to catch the sunrise, we hoped there would be no clouds. The forecast the night before called for clear skies, so our fingers were crossed. We knew of this location from the first day we drove by it and instantly knew we had to get back there. This is right on Lake Pehoe, from a little spit of an island that has a hotel on it called Hosteria Pehoe. It is such a tiny island that there is only a small footbridge to get over to it. My buddy and I were setup along the shore the whole morning, when a guest at the hotel was making her way over the bridge to her car. She told us there was an amazing view on the island that gives you an gorgeous panoramic view of the mountain range. Man oh man she wasn’t kidding! Not only was the sky clear as day, but the howling high winds we experienced mostly every day in Patagonia, were nonexistent. This made for a silky smooth surface with a perfect reflection. It was as if even the fish underneath and potential birds landing on the surface, knew we were here, taking pause for us to grab this shot.

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