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Starry Night

Torres de Paine, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

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Can you believe this view? I couldn’t while I was there, for I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Even looking back on this photo now, I am still blown away at how clear it was that night, standing there on a dock, on the side of the Rio Serrano in front of our hotel. My buddy and I made probably one of the best decisions of our trip earlier that week. We were planning to stay in Torres del Paine for the week, but looking to the mid-week, rain and overcast clouds were forecasted. The lovely hotel and staff at Hotel Cabañas Del Paine allowed us to shift our last two nights, plus book another night on Sunday. We did the same for our hotel in Punta Arenas, swapping days, traveling down there for our King Penguin tour on Tierra del Fuego. We hit amazing weather for the penguins and when we traveled back to Torres del Paine, we were treated to three beautiful days of blue skies and puffy clouds, but clear skies at night like this. It was so clear, we could even see satellites moving in their geosynchronous orbits. If it wasn’t for temps dropping into the low 20s and us having been out there for two hours plus, we could have stayed out all night. Such beauty, such splendor, such awe, for my eyes will never be the same.

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