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Shackleton's First Steps on South Georgia

Peggotty Bluff at King Haakon Bay, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: 54°8'45.065" S 37°16'58.805" W

Peggotty Bluff in King Haakon Bay, our first day on land in South Georgia, was a nippy 28 degrees Fahrenheit. But that wouldn’t stop us from going onshore to get our first view of king penguins, elephant and fur seals. Behind us, the tallest peak obscured slightly in clouds, is the 4,000ft peak of Mount Cunningham. And then three glaciers, two which have receded up the peaks, and the other on the far left coming down from the Murray Snowfield. At the opening of King Haakon Bay, Cave Cove on Cape Rosa, is where Ernest Shackleton and his men first set foot on South Georgia, from their epic 800 mile journey across the Atlantic from Elephant Island. This my friends, was in a 22.5 foot sailboat, on open ocean water in the winter. I repeat, a 22.5ft sailboat, open ocean water, winter time, the Southern Atlantic Ocean of dead winter, no GPS, only wet drenched maps, and barely any food or water. And we thought we were cold, bundled up in multiple layers of clothes with wind/waterproof jacket and pants.