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Clouds Over Cuernos

Torres de Paine, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

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This was just one of those days, where we experienced so many changes in weather, we lost count. It started off sunny with a few clouds in the morning, but by noon turned dark. The heavens opened up with a rainstorm and eventually turned into a light dusting of a snow shower. Then it stopped and the sun came back out, melting most of the snow on the ground. A few hours later, the snow reappeared, only this time was more than a dusting. It snowed heavily for a good while, adding a nice layer to the semi-melted prior snowfall. And then it just stopped. Overcast clouds remained in the air but higher than usual winds proceeded to blow those clouds out of the park. This picture was taken after all the gray had dissipated from the sky and we were left with the most epic of cloud patterns nestled through the peaks and in the sky. Silky smooth and buttery clouds were just hugging the Torres del Paine peaks while those puffy cumulonimbus clouds littered the sky above. And you can see the remains of some of the snowfall in the foreground. What a crazy and beautiful day of nature on display.

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