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Valley of Fire

Overton, NV, 89040

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While I wanted to spend all day in the Valley of Fire and catch the sunset here, I had to make my way to Zion, about a 2 hour drive away. I was also getting up in the early AM to hike and beat the sweltering heat, so I had to get to bed early. Towards the north end of the park, on Mouse Tank Road, the terrain gets a bit more hilly with some elevation changes that add a nice flowing scenic rhythm to the vista ahead. Parts of the curvy roads tend to just float off into the distance, surrounded by this gorgeous scenery. I particularly like this shot, with the flatness of the foreground getting sucked into the ruggedness of the rocky terrain in the background. I wish I had more time to spend in this park, for I can only imagine sunrises and sunsets to be out-of-this-world spectacular! Don't miss going if you are nearby.

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