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Straight of Magellan Morning Delight

Punta Arenas, Tierra del Fuego, Chile

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Taking a break from the mountainous region of Patagonia, my buddy and I made our way down to Punta Arenas to see the King Penguin colony on Tierra del Fuego. With our trusty and amazing guide from Laguna Azul, Rodrigo Eduardo, we made our way onto the ferry to cross the Straight of Magellan to the town of Porvenir, a little over 20 miles away. You can see our white van below on the deck. As we were still sitting docked, ready to push off, the sun had already risen but was doing its hardest to break through the cloud coverage. It cast this amazing, warm glow across the whole straight of water and made for such a peaceful, calm setting. You can also vaguely make out Tierra del Fuego off in the distance, that thin spit of dark matter that barely sticks up over the horizon. Once we set sail, we were fortunate to have this view stay with us for a good portion of the trip.

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