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Do You See the Light?!?!?!?

Fortuna Bay, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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The moment we laid anchor in the bay, clouds had socked in all of the mountains. It was doubtful that after lunch, we would be able to hike the famous last leg of Shackleton’s hike to Stromness. So there we were onshore, milling around, trying to work with the flat, gray overcast skies. And then, like that moment in Blues Brothers (“Do you see the light?!?!?!”), where the sun shines down on Jake Elwood, the same happened here. Clouds parted, the sun came out in a rage of glory and the stunning kings lined up for this shot. In a flash I lowered my tripod as far as it could go, less than a foot off the ground, me kneeling in the icy cold water to frame the shot and not startle them off, as the water immediately ran down inside my boots. But I could have cared less that my feet were soaked, for I came away with this. The things us photogs do for a shot.