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Torres del Paine

Torres de Paine, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

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Driving on the east side of the park, these were the views we were treated to at every turn. Beautiful rolling hills of farmlands, that first range of slow rolling brown scruffy hills and then the majestic mountain range of the cuernos. The Torres del Paine peaks stood proud and tall this day, of which two of three are in view, with the hidden one slightly peaking out from behind the clouds on the left. The tallest peak of the three, by a slight amount, is the hidden one behind the clouds called Torre Sur standing at about 8,200 feet. To its right in the middle is Torre Central at 8,100 feet and then to its right, Torre Norte at just under 7,500 feet. These and the whole Torres del Paine range of granite peaks were deeply and violently eroded by glaciers around 12 million years ago. As stunning as it is to see Torres del Pain now, I can only imagine how mind blowing it would be if one could see a time lapse of it getting carved out from the glaciers.

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