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Fitzroy Hairpiece

Los Glaciares National Park, El Chalten, Santa Cruz Province

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I just love this shot, for this cloud hung on for dear life, over an hour plus while we sat and enjoyed our cold pizza lunch at the top of the lookout point at Loma Pliegue del Tombado. It was like one of those balloons that gets tangled in a spiderweb of tree branches and as the wind blows, it sort of attempts to wiggle free, but chooses not to and lie dormant. Meanwhile, tons and tons and tons of smaller, wispier clouds passed over and around this big puffy one, as the powerful trade winds blew over the Andes mountain range from the Pacific. It’s almost as if Fitzroy needed some shade from the bright sun and asked it to just stay put for a little bit or maybe she was putting on a show for us and our cameras. I’m going with the later.

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