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Winter Wonderland

Navajo Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park, Bryce, UT

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Bryce Canyon still remains one of my favorite National Parks to visit, if not up there in the running for number one. To this day, there is just something about its sheer beauty that gets me each time I visit, with its canyon walls littered, teeming with those magical hoodoo formations as far as the eye can see. All deep earthy orange, with a tinge of red, some proud and tall, with others on their last legs from centuries of erosion. What I think does it for me with Bryce over other parks is that you get immersed into these hoodoos when you are down hiking in the canyon walls. I feel like I have been transported to another world, another dimension, an alien in a foreign land. And then add in the snow, to give even more of a contrast between the hoodoos and the brilliant blue sky. Bryce, you amaze me every time I am here.

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