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Where the hell are we Bob?

St. Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: 54°26'22.908" S 36°11'24.989" W

Most of the time, the King Penguins are usually in groups of ten to twenty or a colony of 150,000 to 500,000, waddling around like adorable little black and white tuxedos, with a colorful bouquet of flowers on top. So you get a lot of shots with loads and loads of them, all huddled together. Finding solo or one pair of the Kings like this was the challenge. Besides just these two, I love the setting of green, rugged hillside; rocks that could impede their journey, strewn here and there; the angle of the shot looking up at clouds with a barely perceptible mountain peaking through. It’s as if these two have been forging trails in the mountain wilderness, reached the top and now have a look of “Where in the hell are we George?” And look at poor Bob. Got the front of his suit all dirty.