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Lago y Glaciar Grey

Lago Grey, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

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Our last day in Torres del Paine and it was again, just like the day before, a calm spring morning with little to no wind. This here is Lago Grey, with Glacier Grey far off in the background. While you will find wind in most place, this part of Torres del Paine, on the west side of the park, is notorious for some really crazy, knock you on your butt winds. But not this day. Our last day in the park, we decided to take it easy after a few days of strenuous hikes. We drove to the south end of Lago Grey and made our way across this spit of land, a mix of sand and large pebbles, that is usually covered in water during the summer months. Three quarters of the way across the lake, an island rises up, with the start of a trail that leads to a lookout point. I ventured on up this stone pebble embankment, to get close to the shore, when I saw these chunks of the glacier. I threw on my telephoto lens and snapped away. The surface was so calm, almost eery to be that still, and the glacier chunks coupled with the glacier off in the back, made for such a great shot.

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