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Milford Sound

Milford Sound Scenic Cruises - Real Journeys, Southland Region, New Zealand

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These waterfalls at Milford Sound are ones the captain of the boat, who has been doing this for years, had never seen before. He said that every time it downpours at Milford, new waterfalls sprout up left and right, pouring down new paths of the fjord's steep cliffs. On our drive to Milford it started pouring down rain and at first I was a little disappointed, having been here 3 years prior and treated to a sunny day. But as we drove more and more through Fiordland National Park and were treated to similar sights you see here, I knew the Milford Sound cruise was going to be an amazing experience like no other. While a bit cold, windy and rainy, I made off with some amazing shots like this. Rain or shine at Milford and you will be treated to amazing sights with either.

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