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Twilight in South Georgia

Gold Harbour, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: 54°37'3.432" S 35°56'31.799" W

After the sun set at Golden Harbour, the clouds were a beautiful purple and red, in the soft afterglow of twilight. While the majority of the Kings were huddled further up the beach at their colony, packs of a few like this were scattered and waddling amongst the shoreline. Add in some elephant seals, southern giant petrels and skuas, and you have your evening ocean view. Our trusty seafaring ship, the Vavilov, lay offshore, sending Zodiacs over to pick everyone up. You can barely make it out, but the small black dot behind it is one of the Zodiacs coming to shore, And while it looks closer that it is, an iceberg off in the distance, was one of the first we saw while in South Georgia.