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King Haakon Bay, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: 54°8'45.065" S 37°16'58.805" W

You are looking at the most dangerous mammal on the remote island of South Georgia. No, I’m not kidding. These fur seals, which smell like a combination of rotting fish, burning oil and bad weed, have an ungodly amount of bacteria in their mouth with razor sharp teeth. They also aren’t afraid of humans and will come charging at you. This is why you were given hiking poles at some beachheads. If they did charge you, you would stick your pole out and strike their nose, and they would stop at a dead standstill. Luckily that never happened to me and for the most part, could smell them before I saw them. This male though, popped up about 20 feet from behind this tussock of grass, but thankfully, just stood still to get his pic taken