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Hmmmm, where we off to next?

St. Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Google Maps Location photo was taken from: https://goo.gl/MvFWKT

What is amazing, besides the King Penguins themselves, is the eye-popping scenery all around you juxtaposed against these stunningly beautiful, but funny goofballs. The scenery is almost not what you’d picture to be paired with a penguin, like a 10,000 foot mountain range as a backdrop, which is why St. Andrew’s Bay was one of my favorite landings of the expedition. The feeling I get from these cuties here is one of “Alright, we made it to the top, where do we go now?” One is taking a break on its belly, others are taking in the view, some are preening. Such fascinating creatures.

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